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Mail services


External mail processing

By order of our customers, mailings and bulk mail out of our mailing machines leave the house exact to the day. Our inhouse copy-, print- and enveloping facilities produces several thousand mailings daily. A service that is based on trust. The necessary addresses and data transmitted for the mailing are deleted irreversibly after executed print. Your mailings are brought personally by our employees to the next distribution centre in original weatherproof postal boxes.

Save internal capacities and source out! It will be cheaper!

With our latest machines, we can make printing, addressing and enveloping more cost-effective and efficient! After the execution, you will receive a detailed invoice for your mailings. More than 15 years ago, we took over the postal mailings of Ă„rztekammer Wien (medical association of Vienna), which continues to be one of our highly satisfied customers.

Please ask for our favorable prices! We will be glad to answer your request!

On site

Many enterprises draw on our specially trained employees for collection and distribution of the inhouse mail, enveloping and franking of letters as well as for the execution of the daily mail delivery.

The post delivered by the postmen is accepted, sorted and distributed in the house to the different departments and receivers. Outgoing letters and mails are collected from the departments, if necessary enveloped and franked in the post office, and posted. According to customers wish all received and sent mail is recorded in appropriate post books (also electronically).

Incoming packages and deliveries of courier services are accepted on behalf of the receiver and afterwards are passed on to the correspondent employees. Deliveries and packages which are determined for the delivery can be collected in the post office and be passed on to the courier services. For the deliveries which are especially urgent or can be organized more efficiently oneself, our employees are of course available, too.