We care for our environment

We feel committed to the environment. Cleanliness of a property must not lead to environmental pollution.

That is why we place great emphasis on their environmental compatibility when selecting our cleaning agents. Wherever possible, we use mild, biodegradable detergents. Our cleaning products are obtained from well-known manufacturers. We can supply safety data sheets to our customers on request for each product. Careful selection of the cleaning chemicals for the respective surfaces guarantees a gentle treatment of your object.

In close cooperation with our suppliers, we continually test innovative cleaning processes in order to further increase the quality of cleaning and also to minimize the use of chemicals.

By using dosage aids, we actively protect the environment. As little as possible, as much as necessary is the motto. Waste is disposed professionally.

Our employees are trained with the aim of economical and efficient use of cleaning agents before the first job starts, and at regular intervals. For hardly a measure is more effective than committed, environmentally conscious employees who live our concerns in their everyday work.


Investing in the future

Our Czech subsidiary KOMWAG regularly visits schools to explain to children the importance of proper waste separation.