re.comm Honours Club

Place of honour for Viktor Wagner in the re.comm "Hall of Fame"

An exclusive circle of participants has been joining us ever since the very first Real Estate Leaders Summit. Therefore, they have earned a place of honor in our "Hall of Fame", the re.comm Honours Club! 

THANK YOU for your loyalty. We are looking forward to many more years with you.



Since 2012, the re.comm has considered itself a visionary and exclusive forum, an ideas workshop and a think tank: Every year the re.comm provides thoughtprovoking incentives for up to 200 top leaders in the real estate industry worldwide. To combine top managers of the industry in the audience with best minds from a variety of different fields on stage is our ultimate goal. Decision makers from the industry have the opportunity to look beyond own horizons, away from their everyday business, and to find inspiration for their own business practices from interdisciplinary presentations. The re.comm brings together interdisciplinary networking and “out-of-the-box“-thinking and offers the opportunity to expand your social, professional and personal horizon at an international level.