Fundamentally clean

Our basic cleanings for floors, carpets and inventory

Premium stone grounds, valuable parquet, sensitive carpets, expensive pieces of furniture. We know how to handle it expertly. Our competence has yet to find its peer. Since 1903 our enterprise gains experience in all areas of cleaning.

Besides, we closely work together with the manufacturers of our detergents and cleaning devices. Only a perfectly co-ordinated system guarantees an optimum result.

Areas which are difficult to reach, as well as light fixtures, can be cleaned by the use of professional mechanical and manual heel lifters or scaffolds.

Choose from the following basic cleaning services:

  • Carpet cleaning: dry, slightly damp, wet
  • PVC and linoleum cleaning
  • cleaning of natural stone, artificial stone, marble etc.
  • cleaning of parquet floors
  • cleaning of tiles
  • cleaning of walls, particularly graffiti as well
  • cleaning of furniture and other inventory
  • cleaning of light fixtures; drop lights, chandeliers, crystal chandeliers etc