It's crystal clear

Professional cleaning of windows, glass surfaces, blinds and façades

For the first impression there is no second chance. Even from the outside, the appearance of a real estate must look cleanly and neat. Everyday, our REIWAG window cleaning team is on duty for the professional cleaning of window and glass surfaces in the inside and outside areas. Through regular professional cleaning (usually 2-4 times a year) the brilliance of the glass surfaces is the best business card of your company. A complete blinds and facades cleaning complements this effect very well.

Window- and glass surfaces, as well as light fixtures, which are hard to reach, can be cleaned by the use of professional mechanical and manual heel lifters or scaffolds.

Choose from the following cleaning services:

  • Window cleaning including post and frame
  • Interior- and exterior glass surface cleaning
  • Façade and glass façade cleaning
  • Interior- and exterior blinds cleaning
  • Show-windows cleaning
  • Glass bridge cleaning
  • Light fixtures cleaning (hanging lights, chandeliers, crystal chandeliers)